Case Law & Statutes

I. World War II-Era/Holocaust Related Art Loss

U.S. and international civil and criminal cases relating to art believed to be looted or otherwise misappropriated during and after World War II.

II. Cultural Property (Antiquities) Disputes Over Non-United States Property

Includes claims, primarily by foreign countries, for art or objects said to be part of their cultural heritage under patrimony or export laws that restrict the ownership or export of certain types of objects; also includes U.S. Customs Actions or other Cases regarding cultural property brought into the U.S. in violation of U.S. law; and includes some international cases not involving people or property in the U.S.

III. United States Cultural Property

Includes claims concerning U.S. cultural property said to be owned in violation of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and of laws governing archaeological objects found on federal land.

IV. Art Theft (Other than World War II and Cultural Property Looting)

Includes civil and criminal cases of theft and replevin.

V. Other Ownership Title Disputes/Claims Including Conversion and Breach of Contract

Includes disputes over auction and gallery sales; voidable title; estate claims.

VI. Art Fraud, Attribution, Authenticity, Forgery, Libel, Defamatory Statements

Includes civil and criminal cases of art fraud and forgery; disputes over expert opinion and catalogues raisonnés and authentication boards; disputes over attribution and authenticity.

VII. Valuation/Appraisal

Cases concerning U.S. tax court decisions; estate valuations and other valuation issues.

VIII. Copyright, Moral Rights and Other Issues

Cases concerning an artist's moral right to his art; copyright violations; and disputes over art commissioned for display in public places.