Case Law

II. Cultural Property (Antiquities) Disputes Over Non-United States Property
Includes claims, primarily by foreign countries, for art or objects said to be part of their cultural heritage under patrimony or export laws that restrict the ownership or export of certain types of objects; also includes U.S. Customs Actions or other Cases regarding cultural property brought into the U.S. in violation of U.S. law; and includes some international cases not involving people or property in the U.S.

Relevant Statutes

Case Summaries

A . Out-of-Court Settlements in the United States

B . Foreign Government and Other Foreign Party Cases Decided in the United States
1. Foreign Government Cases
2. Foreign Private Party Cases

C . Ongoing Claims/Disputes in the United States

D . United States Customs Actions/Cases

E . International Cases
1. Civil Cases/ Disputes Decided or Settled
2. Criminal Cases