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Admart AG v. Stephan and Mary Birch Foundation 2006 Federal "Luna Luna" objects Arbitration Enforcement Arbitration Decision
Bender and McEnroe v. Carroll 2015 State Two paintings by Arshile Gorky. Title Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Brown University v. Kaminski 1993 State Sword and matching scabbard Replevin Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Cartier v. Jackson 1994 State Renoir painting: Paysage avec pont Conversion Withdrawn
Chamberlain v. Cocola Assoc. 1993 Federal Chamberlain sculpture Title Confidential Settlement
Charash v. Oberlin College Unknown Federal Hesse drawing: Drawing Conversion Unknown
Clay v. Sotheby's Chicago 2003 Federal Pieces from Alta Clay’s antique collection Breach of Consignment Judgment for Defendant(s)
Davidson v. Perls 2013 State Calder mobile Breach of Consignment Judgment for Defendant(s)
De La Torre v. Sotheby's 2007 State Rodriquez painting: La Hamaca Conversion Settled
DeBruno v. Sotheby’s 1984 Federal Stubbs painting: A Bay Horse and a White Dog Near a Lake Breach of Contract Judgment for Defendant(s)
Ernst v. Ernst 1989 Federal Estate of Max Ernst Jurisdiction Dismissed
Estate of Nelson v. Rice 2000 State 2 Heade paintings Mutual Mistake Judgment for Defendant(s)
Frigon v. Pacific Indemnity Co. 2007 Federal 11 paintings from Love Gallery in Chicago Breach of Contract Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Graffman v. Espel 1998 Federal Picasso painting: Le peintre et son modèle Title Other
Grogan-Beall v. Ferdinand Roten Galleries, Inc. 1982 State Certificates of authenticity for various prints purchased from Ferdinand Roten Galleries, Inc Other
Hall v. Schoenwetter 1996 State “Gibson” violin (1713) Estate/Probate Dispute Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Hoelzer v. City of Stamford 1992 Federal Daugherty painting: American Rhythm Title Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
In re Salander O’Reilly Galleries 2012 State Botticelli painting Estate/Probate Dispute Other
In the Matter of the Estate of Mark Rothko 1978 State various Breach of Fiduciary Duty Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
John v. Sotheby’s, Inc. 1995 Federal Rembrandt painting: Head of Christ Title Affirmed
Johnson v. Smithsonian Inst. 2001 Federal Johnson works from Smithsonian and New York Gallery Replevin Dismissed
Kaufman v. Chalk & Vermilion 2002 Federal various Conversion Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Leonardo Da Vinci’s Horse, Inc. v. O’Brien Unknown Federal Rodin bronze statue Jurisdiction Unknown
Lindholm v. Brant 2007 Federal Red Elvis Conversion Judgment for Defendant(s)
Mac’Avoy v. Smithsonian Inst. 1991 Federal Various Brooks paintings and drawings Replevin Dismissed
Malevich Heirs' Claim Against Busch-Reisinger Museum at Harvard University 1999 Malevich paintings: Suprematist Painting: Rectangle and Circle (1915) Title Non-litigated Settlement
Malevich Heirs' Claim Against The Museum of Modern Art 1999 Malevich Works at Museum of Modern Art (7 paintings, 9 drawings) Title Non-litigated Settlement
Malevich v. City of Amsterdam 2008 Federal Malevich works Replevin Settled
Mirvish v. Mott 2012 State Bronze sculpture by Lipchitz Estate/Probate Dispute Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Morgold, Inc. v. Keeler 1995 State Bricher painting: Marlton’s Cove, Grand Manan, Maine Conversion Judgment for Defendant(s)
Mucha v. King 1986 Federal Mucha painting: Quo Vadis Replevin Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Philadelphia Museum of Art v. AXA 2011 Federal Two paintings: "The Harbor" by Maurice Prendergast and "Mountain Landscape" by Arthur Davies Breach of Contract Dismissed
Phoenix Ancient Art, S.A. v. Kimbell Art Foundation 2003 Federal Roman Torso Breach of Contract Judgment for Defendant(s)
Pilliard v. Sotheby’s, Inc. 1998 Federal Wooden jar Conversion Confidential Settlement
Plumb v. Casey 2014 Federal Various Paintings that had been consigned to a gallery Declaratory Action Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Robins v. Zwirner 2010 Federal Marlene Dumas paintings Breach of Contract Settled
Shiotani v. Walters 2014 Federal van Dyck painting Replevin Judgment for Defendant(s)
Sotheby’s v. Garcia 1992 Federal Six paintings, including works by Hals, Brueghel, and Steen Conversion Dismissed
Stroganoff-Scherbatoff v. Weldon 1976 Federal Various works including, Van Dyck painting: Portrait of Antoine Triest, Bishop of Ghent Conversion Judgment for Defendant(s)
Tajan v. Pavia & Harcourt 1999 State Belletto painting: A Capriccio with a Domed Church and Buildings in Las Pirna Negligent Misrepresentation Judgment for Defendant(s)
United States v. Stromholt 2002 Federal Andrew Winter painting Replevin Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Weber v. Peck 1999 Federal Jacob van Ruisdael(?) painting Breach of Warranty Judgment for Plaintiff(s) in part
Weil v. Murray 2001 Federal Degas painting: Aux Courses Breach of Contract Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America v. J. Paul Getty Museum 2015 State Zeyt'un Gospels, Canon Table Statute of Limitations Settled
Wildenstein & Co., Inc. v. Wallis 1994 Federal 3 Impressionist and Post Impressionist works on paper Breach of Contract Confidential Settlement
Winkworth v. Christie Manson and Woods Ltd. 1980 International Over 100 pieces of Japanese Netsuke Conversion Litigated, subsequently settled