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ACA v. Kinney 2014 Federal Oil painting: fake Avery entitled "Summer Table, Gloucester" Mutual Mistake Judgment for Defendant(s)
Andre Emmerich Gallery, Inc. v. Segre 2001 Federal Calder mobile: White Dots on Red and Blue Fraud Confidential Settlement
Arnold Herstand & Co. v. Gallery: Gertrude Stein, Inc. 1995 State Balthus(?) drawing: Colette de Profil Breach of Warranty Remanded
Arthur v. Louis Vuitton North America, Inc. and Arthur v. Museum of Contemporary Art 2010 Federal Murakami prints Fraud Dismissed
Baldwin v. Boone 2017 State Two versions of "Sea and Mirror" by Ross Bleckner. Fraud Litigated, subsequently settled
Balog v. Center Art Gallery-Hawaii, Inc. 1990 Federal Purported Dalí Prints and Wall Sculptures Breach of Warranty Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Bilinski v. The Keith Haring Foundation 2015 Federal Advertisement for the Miami Haring Expo Antitrust Judgment for Defendant(s)
Biro v. Condé Nast 2015 Federal David Grann, “The Mark of a Masterpiece: The man who keeps finding famous fingerprints on uncelebrated works of art" (The New Yorker, 2010) Defamation Judgment for Defendant(s)
Boulé v. Hutton 2004 Federal Over 100 purported Lazar Khidekel works False Advertising Judgment for Defendant(s) in part
Brady v. Lynes 2008 Federal   Fraud Dismissed
Christie's, Inc. v. SWCA, Inc. 2009 State Picasso (?) sculpture: Tête Cubiste (Tête de Fernande) Breach of Contract Litigated, subsequently settled
Cohen v. Mazoh 2004 State Gentileschi painting: Joseph and Potiphar's Wife Fraud Litigated, subsequently settled
Cristallina S.A. v. Christie, Manson & Woods International 1987 State Various works including, van Gogh painting: Mas à Saintes-Maries and Cézanne painting The Abandoned House at Tholonet Fraud Litigated, subsequently settled
Daniel Goldreyer, Ltd. v. Dow Jones & Co. 1999 State Newman painting: Who Is Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue III? Libel Settled
David Rogath v. Werner E.R. Siebenmann 1997 Federal Bacon (?) painting: Self-Portrait Breach of Contract Unknown
David Tunick, Inc. v. E.W. Kornfeld and Galerie Kornfeld und Cie 1994 Federal Picasso print: La Minotauromachie Breach of Warranty Litigated, subsequently settled
Dawson v. G. Malina, Inc. 1978 Federal Chinese Ceramics Breach of Warranty Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
De Balkany v. Christie Manson and Woods 1994 International Schiele painting: Youth Kneeling Before God the Father Authenticity Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
E.S.T., Inc. v. Christie's, Inc. 2001 State Carracci painting: Entombment of Christ Negligence Confidential Settlement
FTC v. Austin 1995 Federal Various lithographs, including some claimed to be by Dali, Chagall, Miro, and Picasso Negligent Misrepresentation Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
FTC v. Magui Publishers 1993 Federal 32 separate editions of prints marked as Dali Fraud Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
FTC v. Solomon Trading Co. 1994 Federal Erte prints Misrepresentation Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Fastov v. Christie's 2008 Federal Emil Jacob Schindler (?) Landscape: Schloss Thalwitz Breach of Contract Judgment for Defendant(s)
Feigen v. Weil 1993 State Ink drawing: fake Henri Matisse entitled "Still Life" Mutual Mistake Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Firestone & Parson, Inc. v. Union League of Philadelphia 1987 Federal John Ross Key painting: Bombardment of Fort Sumter Breach of Contract Dismissed
Foxley v. Sotheby's, Inc 1995 Federal Cassatt(?) painting: Lydia Reclining on a Divan Breach of Contract Settled
Galerie Furstenberg v. Coffaro 1988 Federal Eight Dalí drawings of etchings, including Pegasus or Pegase Fraud Dismissed
Galerie Gmurzynska v. Hutton 2004 Federal Russian avant-garde artwork False Advertising Dismissed
Goldman v. Barnett 1992 Federal 60 paintings, including 12 by Milton Avery Breach of Contract Dismissed
Greenberg Gallery, Inc. v. Bauman 1994 Federal Calder (?) Mobile Rio Nero Breach of Contract Judgment for Defendant(s)
Greenwood v. Koven 1995 Federal Braque (?) painting: "Still Life With Pitcher and Guitar" Breach of Contract Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Gribin v. Hammer Galleries 1994 Federal Laurencin painting: Three Young Ladies Declaratory Action Withdrawn
Gumowitz v. Wildenstein 1995 State Oil Painting, Georges Seurat (?), entitled "Paysan Travaillant" Breach of Contract Litigated, subsequently settled
Hahn v. Duveen 1930 State Purported Leonardo da Vinci La Belle Ferronnière Slander of Title Litigated, subsequently settled
Jenack v. Rabizadeh 2013 State 19th Century Russian silver/enamel covered box with gilt interior signed by I.P. Khlebnikov Breach of Contract Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Killala Fine Art, Ltd. v. Weissman 2011 Federal Forged Motherwell painting Breach of Contract Litigated, subsequently settled
Kirby v. Wildenstein 1992 Federal Béraud painting: La Rue de la Paix Disparagement Judgment for Defendant(s)
Kitchen v. Sotheby's 2008 State Renoir(?) pastel Fraud Judgment for Defendant(s)
Kohler v. Leslie Hindman, Inc. 1996 Federal Rosseau (purportedly) painting: The Plains of Meudon Breach of Contract Judgment for Defendant(s)
Krahmer v. Christie's, Inc. 2007 State Frank Weston Benson painting: Interior Fraud Dismissed
Kramer v. The Pollock-Krasner Foundation 1995 Federal Pollock(?) painting Antitrust Judgment for Defendant(s)
Lagrange v. Knoedler Gallery 2012 Federal Paintings / purported Jackson Pollock (?) / "Untitled, 1950" Breach of Warranty Settled
Larivière v. Thaw 2000 State Pollock (fake): Vertical Infinity Breach of Contract Judgment for Defendant(s)
Levin v. Dalva Bros., Inc. 2007 Federal Antiques Choice of Law Settled
Levin v. Gallery 63 Antiques Corp. 2008 Federal 19th-century Italian sculptures Breach of Warranty Settled
Marchig v. Christie's Inc. 2011 Federal La Bella Principessa Negligence Judgment for Defendant(s) in part
Mattis Claim Against Rosenblum for Lewis Hine Photographs 2001 Photographs by Lewis Hine Authenticity Non-litigated Settlement
Mayor Gallery v. Agnes Martin Catalogue Raisonné LLC Pending State Works alleged to be by Agnes Martin Misrepresentation Pending
McCloud v. Lawrence Gallery 2002 Federal Picasso (fake) drawing Jurisdiction Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
McNally v. Yarnall 1991 Federal La Farge(?) works Defamation Judgment for Defendant(s) in part
Mickle v. Christie's, Inc. 2003 Federal Wilmar(?),"Billy Bowlegs" Rescission Settled
Mount v. Ormond 1991 Federal Various works of Sargent Defamation Dismissed
Mount v. Sadik 1980 Federal Portrait of George Washington Defamation Judgment for Defendant(s)
Nacht v. Sotheby’s Holdings Inc. 1999 State Picabia (?) painting: Francis Picabia (?), Josias Fraud Withdrawn
Nussberg v. Tatintsian 2016 State More than 200 Russian Suprematist Works by Malevich and his followers Breach of Contract Affirmed
People of New York v. The Antique and Design Center 2001 State 56 counterfeit paintings Settled
Porcella v. Time, Inc. 1962 Federal Article in Life Magazine Libel Dismissed
Ravenna v. Christie's 2001 Federal Ludovico Carracci Painting Pietà Negligent Misrepresentation Dismissed
Regina v. Drewe 1999 International Paintings proportedly by modern masters Forgery Conviction
Rosen v. Spanierman 1990 Federal Sargent painting: The Sisters (or Misses) Wertheimer Fraud Unknown
Seltzer v. Morton 2007 State Seltzer painting: Lassoing a Longhorn Authenticity Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Shaheen v. Stephen Hahn, Inc. 1995 Federal Cassatt (?) pastel: Mother About to Kiss Her Baby Breach of Warranty Judgment for Plaintiff(s) in part
Shaltiel-Gracian v. Association Wildenstein Institute 2007 International Shaltiel-Gracian "Modigliani" Tort Judgment for Defendant(s)
Simon-Whelan v. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. 2010 Federal Self-portrait Andy Warhol (?) Authenticity Settled
Sotheby’s v. Pourrieres Pending Federal Possible forgery from the Circle of Parmigianino Breach of Contract Pending
Spanierman Gallery v. Arnold 1997 Federal Two Heade paintings, including Two Hummingbirds and Orchid Fraud Dismissed
Struna v. Wolf 1985 State Nadelman sculpture Valuation Dismissed
The "Metzinger Case" (France) 2014 International Maison Blanche Authenticity Judgment for Defendant(s)
Thome v. Alexander & Louisa Calder Foundation 2010 State Purported Alexander Calder stage set Authenticity Dismissed
Thomson v. Christie's 2005 International Houghton Urns Misrepresentation Judgment for Defendant(s)
Thwaytes v. Sotheby's 2015 International An autograph replica of Caravaggio's 'The Cardsharps' Negligence Judgment for Defendant(s)
Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Inc. v. Christie's Inc. 2011 State Fake Basquiat Painting Fraud Judgment for Defendant(s)
Travis v. Sotheby Parke Bernet, Inc. 1982 State Tilly Kettle painting: Portrait of the Misses Paine Negligence Dismissed
United States v. Amiel 2000 Federal Print forgeries allegedly by Miró, Chagall, Picasso and Dali Fraud Conviction
United States v. Amiel, Jr. 2011 Federal Fake Picasso "Francoise Gilot" Fraud Guilty Plea
United States v. Austin 1995 Federal Forged prints by modern artists, including Dali Fraud Conviction
United States v. Cooperman 2005 Federal Two paintings by Picasso and Monet Fraud Conviction
United States v. Dewey Lane Moore 2001 Federal 294 artworks of dubious authenticity Fraud Conviction
United States v. John Re 2016 Federal Various works purported to be by Pollock and de Kooning Fraud Guilty Plea
United States v. Likhite 2008 State Portrait of Miss Saltonstall Theft Conviction
United States v. Martinez 2002 Federal 2 drawings by Basquiat (fake) Fraud Guilty Plea
United States v. Meyer; Kolodny v. Meyer 2015 Federal 22 unfinished Jasper Johns works Trafficking in Stolen Property Guilty Plea
United States v. Ramnarine 2014 Federal "Flag" Fraud Guilty Plea
United States v. Sakhai 2005 Federal Fakes by Gauguin, Chagall and others Fraud Guilty Plea
United States v. Spoutz 2017 Federal Forged paintings by several American artists Forgery Guilty Plea
United States v. Vitrano; Vitrano v. United States 2007 Federal Falsely attributed works of various artists Fraud Conviction
United States v. Wiseman 1993 Federal Thousands of fake prints, purportedly by Dali and others Fraud Conviction
United States v. Zabrin 2010 Federal Fake Lichtenstein Fraud Guilty Plea
Uptown Gallery, Inc. v. Doniger 1993 State Oil on canvas: fake Bernard Buffet still life, 1959 Mutual Mistake Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Vitale v. Marlborough Gallery 1994 Federal Pollock painting (fake) Authenticity Dismissed
Vom Lehn v. Astor Art Galleries 1976 State jade and serpentine carvings Fraud Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Waller v. Scheer Unknown State Schreyer(?) painting Fraud Unknown
Weisz v. Parke-Bernet Galleries 1974 State Paintings listed as Dufy Breach of Warranty Judgment for Defendant(s)
Wilson v. Hammer Holdings, Inc. 1988 Federal Purported Edouard Vuillard painting: Femme Debout Breach of Warranty Judgment for Defendant(s)
Zoellner v. Christie's 2003 State Consul Klep Cover Fraud Judgment for Defendant(s)