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Andrew Crispo Gallery v. Commissioner 1998 Federal Various Tax Law Violation Other
Angell v. Commissioner 1988 Federal Donated artworks Tax Law Violation Judgment for Respondent(s)
Brancusi v. United States 1928 Federal Bird in Space (a.k.a. Bird in Flight) Customs Violation Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Drummond v. Commissioner 1998 Federal Parmagianino sketch: Three Feminine Heads Tax Law Violation Judgment for Respondent(s)
Estate of Querbach v. A&B Appraisal Services 1987 State Three Small Unframed Oil Paintings attributed to J.F. Cropsey Negligence Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Estate of Robert Scull v. Commissioner 1994 Federal A Collection of Pop Art paintings Fair Market Value Other
Hartman Trading Corp. v. United States 1966 Federal Copies, Replicas, and Reproductions of Asian Art Customs Violation Judgment for Plaintiff(s) in part
In re Estate of Andy Warhol 1996 State Warhol Estate Estate/Probate Dispute Affirmed in Part
In the Matter of Richard L. Feigen & Co. 2014 State Painting: fake Max Ernst entitled, "Forȇt" Statute of Limitations Other
Nataros v. Fine Arts Gallery of Scottsdale 1980 State Paintings, silver, and jewelry Negligent Misrepresentation Judgment for Defendant(s)
Williford v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue 1994 Federal Dewing frieze: Garrett frieze Tax Law Violation Other