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Case Name Date
Jurisdiction Object in Dispute Claims/
Legal Issues
Cantor v. Anderson 1986 Federal Renoir drawing, Gabrielle Couchée à la Rose Conversion Work Recovered/Restitution
Delocque-Fourcaud v. Los Angeles County Museum of Art 2003 Federal 26 paintings from the Pushkin Museum Title Litigated, subsequently settled
Erisoty v. Rizik 2002 Federal Giaquinto painting: Winter Replevin Judgment for Defendant(s)
Ichiyasu v. Christie, Manson & Woods International 1986 Federal Picasso etching: La Femme au Tambourin Dismissed
In re: "Paysage bords de Seine" 2014 Federal Paysage bords de Seine, 1879 unsigned oil painting on linen by Renoir Title Court Ordered Restitution
Kamat v. Kurtha 2009 Federal Souza Painting Laches Settled
Konowaloff v. The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2012 Federal Cézanne painting Title Dismissed
Malanga v. Chamberlain 2011 State Artwork made from 315 eight-inch square silkscreen panels depicting John Chamberlain's face Conversion Settled
Naftzger v. American Numismatic Society 1999 State Early American copper pennies Replevin Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
O’Keeffe v. Snyder 1980 State 3 O'Keeffe paintings Replevin Settled
Porter v. Wertz 1981 State Utrillo painting: Château de Lion-sur-Mer Replevin Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Sanchez v. Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania 2005 Federal Pre-Columbian gold plaque Conversion Judgment for Defendant(s)
Society of California Pioneers v. Baker 1996 State Gold quartz cane handle Conversion Settled
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation v. Lubell 1991 State Chagall gouache: Le Marchand de Bestiaux Demand and Refusal Rule Confidential Settlement
Solomon v. Cutler 2012 Federal Norman Rockwell Painting: Russian Schoolroom Replevin Judgment for Defendant(s)
United States v. Brugnara Pending Federal More than two dozen artworks were at issue Fraud Conviction
United States v. DeCicco 1970 Federal Fourteen paintings, including works by Cezanne, Gauguin, Goya, Modigliani, Monet, Picasso and Renoir, and two sculptures by Degas and Rodin Theft Remanded
United States v. Kretske Unknown Federal Four paintings, one of which is attributed to Mattia Preti Theft Remanded
United States v. Marcuello Guzman 2013 Federal Henri Matisse's "Odalisque in Red Pantaloons," 1925. Possession of Stolen Property Guilty Plea
United States v. OneBeacon Insurance Group 2008 Federal 3 Paintings - Hassam, Courbet & Hamilton Title Judgment for Defendant(s)
United States v. O’Higgins 1999 Federal Mozart half-page of music and Wagner manuscript and letters Theft Conviction
United States v. Pritchard 2004 Federal Confederate Civil War Uniform Theft Conviction
United States v. Stern 2010 Federal Nine Ancient Egyptian objects Theft Guilty Plea
United States v. The Painting Known as "Hannibal"; In re: 95 Works of Art from the Ferreira Collection 2014 Federal Works returned to Brazil including Basquiat and Lichtenstein paintings, Moore sculpture. Forfeiture Seizure of Work
United States v. The Painting Known as "Le Marché" 2012 Federal Camille Pissarro's "Le Marché aux Poissons" Forfeiture Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
United States v. Tobin 1978 Federal Fake Remington: "Bronco Buster," 1895 Trafficking in Stolen Property Conviction
United States v. Waxman 1986 Federal Cornell construction Box Theft Conviction