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Adler v. Taylor 2007 Federal van Gogh painting: Vue de l’Asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Rémy Statute of Limitations Dismissed
Altmann v. Austria 2006 Federal Five Gustav Klimt paintings Replevin Arbitration Decision
Attorney General v. Trustees of the British Museum (Feldmann Heirs) 2005 International 4 Old Master drawings Replevin Settled
Bakalar v. Vavra 2012 Federal Schiele drawing of Seated Woman Theft Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Bamberger Heirs' Claim Against the Kunsthalle in Emden, Germany 2002 Nolde painting: Bauernhof Title Non-litigated Settlement
Bennigson v. Alsdorf; United States v. One Oil Painting Entitled “Femme En Blanc” By Pablo Picasso; Alsdorf v. Bennigson 2005 State Picasso painting: Femme en Blanc Conversion Settled
Cassirer and Bennigson v. Hahn 2005 State Pissarro Painting: Rue de Saint Honoré après-midi, effet de pluie and Picasso painting: Femme en Blanc Constructive Trust Settled
Cassirer v. Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Pending Federal Pissarro painting: Rue St. Honoré Après-Midi, Effet de Pluie Conversion Pending
Chabad v. Russia Pending Federal Books, Documents, and Manuscripts Replevin Pending
City of Gotha v. Sotheby's 1998 International Wtewael painting: Holy Family with Saints John and Elizabeth and Angels Conversion Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Czartoryski-Borbon v. Turcotte 2001 State Mostaert painting: Portrait of a Lady Replevin Confidential Settlement
De Csepel v. Hungary Pending Federal El Greco, "Saint Andrew"; Corot, "Portrait of a Woman"; Cranach the Elder, "Annunciation of Saint Joachim" Replevin Pending
DeWeerth v. Baldinger 1994 Federal Monet painting : Champs de Blé à Vétheuil Bona Fide Purchaser Judgment for Defendant(s)
Detroit Institute of Arts v. Ullin 2007 Federal van Gogh painting: The Diggers Title Dismissed
Di Giuseppe Heirs' Claim Against Art Institute of Chicago for Mochi Bust 2000 International Mochi sculpture: Bust of a Youth Title Confidential Settlement
Di Giuseppe Heirs' Claim Against Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 2000 State Giaquinto painting: Adoration of the Magi Conversion Settled
Di Giuseppe Heirs' Claim Against Princeton University Art Museum 2001 Pinturicchio painting: St. Bartholomew Good Faith Purchaser Settled
Di Giuseppe v. Musée du Louvre 1999   Forced Sale Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Dunbar v. Seger-Thomschitz 2011 Federal 1910 Oskar Kokoschka painting Title Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Estate of Kainer, et al. v. UBS, Christie’s, et al. Pending State Degas painting Title Pending
Feldmann Heirs Recover Looted Old Master Drawing 2006 Flinck Drawing: The Liberation of Saint Peter From Prison (formerly attributed to Rembrandt) Title Non-litigated Settlement
Feldmann Heirs' Claim Against the Courtauld Institute of Art 2006 International Architectural Capriccio Title Settled
France Claim Against de Young Museum 1986 Mola painting: Erminia and Valfrino Tending the Wounded Tancred Title Non-litigated Settlement
Frenk v. Solomon 2018 State Four expressionist paintings Conversion Judgment for Defendant(s)
Goodman (and Gutmann) v. Searle 1998 Federal Degas monotype pastel: Landscape with Smokestacks Title Litigated, subsequently settled
Gowen v. Nahmad Gallery Pending State Modigliani painting Title Pending
Grosz v. Museum of Modern Art 2011 Federal George Grosz Painting "The Poet Nerrmann-Neisse" Replevin Judgment for Defendant(s)
Hainisch Sisters' Claim Against North Carolina Museum of Art 2000 Federal Cranach painting: Madonna and Child in a Landscape Title Non-litigated Settlement
Halphen Claim Against Detroit Institute of Arts 1950 Monet painting: The Seine at Asnières Title Non-litigated Settlement
Hartog Heir's Claim Against Denver Museum of Art 2000 State Circle of Gerard ter Borch painting: The Letter Forced Sale Non-litigated Settlement
Hess Heir's Claim Against Germany for Kirchner Painting 2006 International Kirchner painting: Berlin Street Scene Forced Sale Settled
In re Alterr, Inc., dba Ashkenazie & Co. (Schloss Heirs' Claim against Ashkenazie) 1999 Federal Rembrandt painting: The Old Man with the White Beard and the Black Cap Title Work Recovered/Restitution
In re Peters 2006 State Edvard Munch's "Strasse in Kragero" Conversion Judgment for Defendant(s)
In re: Deux Femmes Dans Un Jardin 2018 Federal Renoir painting Title Work Recovered/Restitution
In the Matter of Flamenbaum 2013 State Ancient inscribed gold tablet Title Work Recovered/Restitution
Italy Claim Against Wadsworth Atheneum for Zucchi Painting 1998 Zucchi painting: The Bath of Bathsheba Title Non-litigated Settlement
Jaffé Heirs' Claim Against Kimbell Art Museum 2006 Turner painting: Glaucus and Scylla Title Non-litigated Settlement
Joram Deutsch v. Metropolitan Museum of Art 2004 State El Greco painting: Mount Sinai Conversion Dismissed
Jorisch v. Lauder 2007 Federal Blooming Meadow by Gustav Klimt Title Withdrawn
Kann Association Claim Against Menil Collection 2002 Matisse painting: La Rivière aux Aloes Title Non-litigated Settlement
Koenigs Heir's and The Netherlands' Claims Against Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Pending International met de Bles painting: Landscape with Burning City Title Pending
Kunstsammlungen zu Weimar (Weimar Museum) Claim Against Consignor to Sotheby's 1997 Tischbein painting: Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Hervey Hollding a Dove Title Non-litigated Settlement
Kunstsammlungen zu Weimar v. Elicofon 1982 Federal Dürer portraits of Hans and Felicitas Tucher Title Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Lissitzky v. Beyeler Foundation 2002 International Kandinsky painting: Improvisation No. 10 Statute of Limitations Settled
Menzel v. List 1969 State Chagall gouache: Le Paysan et l'echelle Replevin Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Meyer v. University of Oklahoma 2016 Federal Camille Pissarro painting Title Settled
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston v. Seger-Thomschitz 2010 Federal Two Nudes (Lovers) by Oskar Kokoschka Statute of Limitations Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Newman Claim Against Metropolitan Museum of Art 2001 Monet painting: Le Repos dans le Jardin Title Non-litigated Settlement
Orkin v. Swiss Confederation 2011 Federal Les Saintes-Maries de la Mer Replevin Dismissed
Philipp v. Germany (Guelph Treasure) Pending Federal Objects from the "Guelph Treasure" Forced Sale Pending
Poland and Ukraine Claims Against Twelve Museums for Lubomirski Dürers Pending Two drawings by Dürer and one drawing by Baldung Grien. Title Pending
Price v. United States; Hoffman v. United States 2003 Federal Hitler watercolors Conversion Dismissed
Reif v. Nagy 2018 State Egon Schiele Watercolors Laches Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Rosenberg v. Seattle Art Museum v. Knoedler-Modarco, Inc. 2000 Federal Matisse painting: L'Odalisque Fraud Settled
Rothschild Heirs' Claim Against Austria 1999 International Hals painting: Portrait of Tieleman Roosterman Forced Sale Work Recovered/Restitution
Schoeps v. Bavaria (Bayern) 2015 Federal Picasso painting Government Immunity Affirmed
Schoeps v. Museum of Modern Art 2009 Federal Picasso Paintings: Boy Leading a Horse and Le Moulin de la Galette Conversion Litigated, subsequently settled
Silberberg Heir's Settlement with Art Institute of Chicago 2001 The Rock of Hautepierre (c. 1869) Forced Sale Non-litigated Settlement
Sotheby's v. Shene 2009 Federal 16th-century German book of drawings, prints, and engravings Replevin Work Recovered/Restitution
Springfield Library v. Knoedler Archivum 2004 Federal da Ponte painting: Spring Sowing Breach of Warranty Litigated, subsequently settled
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Claim Against Philadelphia Museum of Art 2000 Five works of the Elector of Saxony’s armor Title Non-litigated Settlement
Stern Heirs’ Claim Against National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C.) 2000 Snyders painting: Still Life with Fruit and Game Title Non-litigated Settlement
The Netherlands v. Ian Woodner 1991 Federal Baldung drawing Virgin and Child Title Settled
Toledo Museum of Art v. Ullin 2006 Federal Gauguin painting: Street Scene in Tahiti Title Dismissed
United States v. Aleskerova (Bremen-Baku) 2001 Federal 12 Old Master drawings: including Dürer's Women's Bathhouse Theft Conviction
United States v. Meador (Quedlinburg) 1998 Federal Quedlinburg Church Medieval Treasures Statute of Limitations Settled
United States v. One Tintoretto Painting 1982 Federal Tintoretto painting: Holy Family with Saint Catherine and Honored Donor Illegal Export/ Import Settled
United States v. Painting Known as Cristo Portacroce 2012 Federal "Cristo Portacroce" Title Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
United States v. Portrait of Wally 2010 Federal Schiele painting: Portrait of Wally Theft Litigated, subsequently settled
United States v. Six Paintings Seized from Paul Gorzocoski III d/b/a Northfield Auctions 2008 Federal 6 Italian and German landscape paintings Forfeiture Settled
United States v. Vaccaro (Kunstsammlungen zu Weimar) 2000 Federal de Barbari painting: Bust of Christ Possession of Stolen Property Seizure of Work
University of Kassel v. Chatalbash 1998 Federal Seven 16th century miniature paintings, including four works by Bening Good Faith Purchaser Litigated, subsequently settled
Vineberg v. Bissonnette (Max Stern Estate) 2008 Federal Winterhalter painting: Girl from the Sabiner Mountains Forced Sale Judgment for Plaintiff(s)
Von Saher v. Norton Simon Museum of Art 2018 Federal Lucas Cranach the Elder Diptych: Adam and Eve Conversion Judgment for Defendant(s)
Wach v. Byrne, Goldenberg & Hamilton, PLLC 2012 Federal Picasso Paintings: Boy Leading a Horse and Le Moulin de la Galette Breach of Contract Dismissed
Warin v. Wildenstein 2007 State 15th-17th century illuminated manuscripts Replevin Dismissed
Weinmann Heirs' Claim Against Yale University Art Gallery 2001 Le Grand Pont (1864) by Gustave Courbet Replevin Non-litigated Settlement
Wertheimer v. Cirker’s Hayes Storage Warehouse Inc. 2002 State Pissarro painting: La Seine- La Passerelle de L’Institut au fond le quai et le Louvre Replevin Judgment for Defendant(s)
Westfield v. Federal Republic of Germany 2011 Federal Westfeld art collection Subject Matter Jurisdiction Dismissed
Williams v. National Gallery of Art, London Pending Federal Matisse painting Sovereign Immunity Pending
Zuckerman v. Metropolitan Museum of Art 2018 Federal Picasso Painting Forced Sale Dismissed