Volume 10, No. 2

February 1989

Guggenheim Suit Dismissed: Museum Fails to Recover Chagall in New York Courts
— Constance Lowenthal
Summary judgment for Rachel Lubell dismissing Guggenheim’s suit to recover a Chagall gouache, bought in good faith in 1967 by Lubell. If the case had gone to trial it would have tested the DeWeerth decision

Copyright Revision in Canada Expanded Moral Rights for Artists
— Aaron M. Milrad
1988 revisions to copyright law (first since 1924 passage) allow visual artists to control public displays of their work, even after a sale. Moral rights now exist for the life of the creator and fifty years thereafter.

Rash of Northeast Museum Thefts Spreads to Six Cities:
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Detroit Institute of Arts: Tiffany silver pitcher. Columbus Art Museum: Ming dynasty bowl. The Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany, NY: 17th century Buddhist lion and other works. The Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY: Scarab Vase by Robineau. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: 14th-century Chinese Mei-p'ing type vase. Baltimore Museum of Art: Sixteen 17th- and 18th-century English pocket watches.

The Yard to Revive Antiquities Squad
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Disbanded in 1983, Scotland Yard’s Art and Antique Squad is re-established, partly due to recent violent art crimes, and unceasing demands of the English art world.

Update: Con man arrested; duped dealer may see justice
— Margaret I. O'Brien
TV dramatization of story of Robert Leads, alias Robert McKinney, leads to arrest. (See IFARreports, Oct./Nov, 1988.)

Recovered: Potthast Recovered, Theft Ring Uncovered (Cincinnati, Ohio)
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Seashore with Women and Children at Play by American Impressionist recovered; Teddy R. Rudder arrested; interstate theft ring suspected.

Recovered: Two sentenced in Haggadah Fraud
— Constance Lowenthal
Gabriel Reguer and Raphael Podde plead guilty in sale of new versions of Guadalajara Haggadah.

Stolen Art Alert: New York, NY
— Michael VolkoVitsch
21 works taken from Simon Parkes Art Conservation studio, including Pillement landscape and two Corot panels. Picasso Vollard Suite etching smuggled out of gallery in a baby carriage.

Stolen Art Alert: Boston, MA
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Thomas Wealter abducted, driven to Bloch Gallery on Newbury Street, forced to let in thieves, who take 10 works including two Grandma Moses paintings and Erté graphics.