IFAR Journal

Volume 2, No. 3

Summer 1999

Dr. Gachet—Friend of Cézanne and Van Gogh?
— Walter Feilchenfeldt
Detailed discussion by Feilchenfeldt, who collaborated on the new Cézanne catalogue raisonné, of the art collection owned by Dr. Paul Gachet and questions surrounding the authenticity of some of the works in it

Expert Art Opinions and Liabilities
— Judith Bresler
A legal analysis of ways that art experts can protect themselves from liability when giving opinions.

Surfing the Web: An IFAR Perspective, Part II: Museum-Related Sites
— Marilyn Schmitt
The second part of a series discussing new art-related websites

Updates & Newsbriefs: Long-Awaited Ruling in the “Steinhardt Case”
— Sharon Flescher
Discussion of federal appeals court decision in the case of the American collector, Michael Steinhardt, who purchased a gold phiale claimed by Italy.

More Published and Documented Bas-reliefs from Nimrud Offered on the Antiquities Market
— Samuel M. Paley
An archaeologist’s alert about looted bas-reliefs from Iraq being sold on the market.

Book Reviews: World War II Art Restitution: Some Recent Publications Viewed from a Legal Perspective
— James A. R. Nafziger
A summary of several books in the burgeoning field of WWII art restitution, including The Lost Museum and The Spoils of War.

Two IFAR Evenings on “Practical” Art Issues
— Sharon Flescher
Summary of two recent IFAR programs: “The IRS, Art and You: Inside the IRS’ Art Advisory Panel,” and “The How, Why and What of Art Insurance.”

Updates & Newsbriefs: Seattle Art Museum Returns Matisse Odalisque to Rosenberg Family
— Sharon Flescher
A review of the facts and legal issues surrounding the museum’s decision to return the painting claimed by the heirs of Paul Rosenberg.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Russian Court Strikes Down “Trophy Art Law”
— Sharon Flescher
Brief discussion of the Russian court’s decision to strike down parts of a recent law that nationalized “trophy art” from Germany.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Guilty Verdict in Cooperman Art Fraud Trial
— Sharon Flescher
Review of jury decision in trial of former ophthalmologist, Cooperman.