Past Event

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Rembrandt Research Project: Reflections, Revelations, Reversals

The Rembrandt Research Project, an initiative to examine and re-evaluate the body of works attributed to Rembrandt, will soon publish the sixth and final volume of its research. Ernst van de Wetering will discuss some of the RRP's discoveries and re-attributions and reflect upon the findings of four decades of work. 

This program follows by 10 years a program organized by IFAR in February 2001 on: "Thirty Years of the Rembrandt Research Project: The Tension Between Science and Connoisseurship in Authenticating Art," an edited version of which was published in the IFAR Journal (Vol. 4, no.2, 2001). A version of the current program, too, will appear in the IFAR Journal.

IFAR Thanks Christie's for Providing the Venue

Event Speaker(s)

Ernst van de Wetering
Chairman, Rembrandt Research Project