Announcing the new IFAR Journal (V20, nos.1&2) featuring the extraordinary talks from our sold-out program on John Richardson and Picasso, plus a must-read article on Man Ray fakes

November 2019

New York, NY

IFAR proudly announces its newest IFAR Journal (V20, nos. 2&3) featuring the following not-to-be-missed articles. The Journal was mailed to subscribers, and individual copies can be purchased on IFAR's website.

John Richardson: Picasso Scholar and Art World Luminary
was the title of a sold-out IFAR Evening on May 29. IFAR organized the program as a tribute to the great John Richardson, the definitive Picasso biographer, who was on IFAR's Board of Directors and Art Advisory Council from 1981 until his death in March 2019. The incredible array of speakers, whose abundantly illustrated talks are in this Journal, and whose thoughtful texts provide new insights -- truly -- into Picasso as an artist and John Richardson as a scholar, are:

Pepe Karmel, Assoc. Professor of Art History, NYU; author of: Picasso and the Invention of Cubism

Diana Widmaier Picasso
, the artist's grand-daughter, who is also an art historian, curator, and author, working on the catalogue raisonné of Picasso's sculptures.

Ross Finocchio, John Richardson's last editorial assistant, working with him on the fourth and final volume of his Life of Picasso. 

Michael Cary, Director of Research, Gagosian Gallery, and Delphine Huisinga, Researcher for Mr. Richardson, joined the speakers for the Discussion and Q&A, and their remarks are also in this Journal issue.

Man Ray Photographs: The Problems have Not Gone Away

The photographer Man Ray, inventor of the camera-less Rayograph, is the other giant of 20th century art featured in this IFAR Journal issue. His highly sought after and innovative works have sold in the millions. But this article by Steven Manford, a photo historian and specialist in the photography of Man Ray and the stamps from Man Ray's studio, is less an homage to the noted photographer, than a caveat emptor to those who collect, cherish and study his work.  More than 20 years after the notorious Bokelberg Man Ray fakes scandal, the article shows how false Man Rays still litter the art market and sully the integrity of the artist's body of work. Manford provides insights to the many red flags that can help collectors navigate the murky Man Ray photography waters -- from Man Ray's most famous images, like Noire et blanche and Jacqueline, which graces the IFAR Journal cover, to his lesser known works.  Every photography collector -- and student and curator and dealer -- should read this article.  It is long, but filled with essential information; truly, a MUST READ!

Also featured in this issue are news articles about several restitution claims working their way through the courts: such as, the claim for the so-called Guelph Treasure of medieval objects now in Germany but claimed by heirs of the Treasure's pre-WWII Jewish owners; the Egon Schiele work on paper, claimed by the heirs of Fritz Grunbaum; and Picasso's Rose Period Actor, in the Metropolitan Museum since 1952, which is claimed by the heir to the Leffmann family, to whom it belonged in the 1930s. Also featured is a curious story about a Gustave Caillebotte flower painting that was denied an export permit from Canada, because, although the French Impressionist artist was not Canadian and had never set foot in Canada, the work fell under the restrictions of Canada's cultural heritage law. The dispute was resolved when the Art Gallery of Ontario purchased the work.

And, of course, as in all IFAR Journal issues, this Journal features our trademarked Stolen Art Alert , which IFAR has published since 1977, highlighting new art thefts, recoveries, and works reported missing.