Catalogues Raisonnés Acknowledgments

IFAR acknowledges with sincere thanks the generous financial support that helped make the production of the Catalogues Raisonnés Database possible. In particular, we want to thank the following supporters:

  • The Henry Luce Foundation, which made a "lead" grant for the site in 2004
  • The Dedalus Foundation, Inc., which supported the publication of the proceedings of our "Conference on Catalogues Raisonnés and the Authentication Process" and then funded the Catalogues Raisonné Database Initiative
  • The Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation, which provided several grants for our Catalogue Raisonné Database Initiative
  • The Samuel H. Kress Foundation, which funded both the "Conference on Catalogues Raisonnés and the Authentication Process" and our Catalogue Raisonné Database Initiative

And also,

  • The Robert Lehman Foundation
  • The Florence Gould Foundation
  • The Pollock-Krasner Foundation
  • The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
  • The Ida and William Rosenthal Foundation

We would also like to acknowledge the following funders who supported IFAR's 2016 Expansion Project and subsequent activities:

  • The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), which awarded IFAR a 2015 Planning Grant
  • The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Horowitz Foundation
  • The Dr. Lee MacCormick Edwards Foundation

Many staff members, consultants, volunteers, and interns also worked on this project over a period of years. These include, primarily: Lisa Duffy-Zeballos, Sharon Flescher and Faith Pleasanton. In addition, we would like to thank: Gail Aranow, Antonia Bartoli, Lisa Schonemann Ballard, Sonia Bay, Julia May Boddewyn, Thomas Brown, Eileen Costello, Shantala DuGay, Rebecca Friedman, Nicole Georgopulos, Victoria Sears Goldman, Echo Hopkins, Alexandra Kadlec, Beatrice Kernan,Terry Medlin, Jay Mellino, Anna Michalczyk, Jennifer Morris, Alexandra Moses, Lindsay Riddell, Gwendolyn Egger Rochat, Alyson Jackere Schultz, Michele Wijegoonaratna, Gertrude Wilmers, and Einav Zamir.

IFAR also gratefully acknowledges the collaboration of the Art and Architecture Division of the New York Public Library, especially (initially) Clayton Kirking and (currently) Vincenzo Rutigliano.

Thanks, too, to our IT and Website team, Robert de Candido and also the 408 Group, especially Sue Clancy and Michael Uffer.