Volume 10, No. 1
January 1989
• Letter to the Editor
— André Nakov, Paris
• IFAR replies
— Virgilia H. Pancoast, Constance Lowenthal
• Hawaii Grand Jury Indicts Center Art on Dali and Celebrity Fraud
— Virgilia H. Pancoast, Constance Lowenthal
• Recovered
Volume 9, No. 12
December 1988
• Romantic and Rustic, but not by Constable!
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
• Stolen and Recovered: Manet's Bouquet of Peonies Huntington, L.I.
— Margaret I. O'Brien
• IFAR Staff in Review, 1988
— Constance Lowenthal
• Cumulative Index: Stolen Art, 1988
Volume 9, No. 10/11
October/November 1988
• Douglas Cooper Collection Seeks Stolen Cubist Works. 1974 theft from the Château de Castille, Argilliers, France
— Margaret I. O'Brien
• Fraudulent Fabergé: Indiana Court rules in sale of 54 Russian works
— Constance Lowenthal
• Miracles Do Happen: Boston Church Recovers Three Kirchmayer Sculptures
— Caroline Goeser
• Australian Dealer Duped. Con-artist disappears with works by Renoir, Cassatt and Fantin Latour
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Volume 9, No. 9
September 1988
• Two Guilty in Sale of Fake Incunabula
— Constance Lowenthal
• Stolen and Strayed: Library Losses at Liège, Claremont and Washington State Universities
— Margaret I. O'Brien
• Missing Picasso
• Stolen: Munch Painting and Eleven Prints Stolen, Oslo, Norway
Volume 9, No. 7/8
July/August 1988
• Larionov Forgeries? New Cache of Russian Art Worries Experts
— Virgilia H. Pancoast and Constance Lowenthal
• Getty's Aphrodite Purchase Raises Provenance Questions
— Constance Lowenthal
• Republic of Turkey v. Metropolitan Museum of Art: Arguments on Met's Motion to Dismiss Turkey's Claim Continue
— Constance Lowenthal
• The Baltimore Illusionist: Theft of Asian Art from the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland
— Margaret I. O'Brien