IFAR Journal

• Connoisseurship and the Catalogue Raisonné: Poussin, Rembrandt, and Raphael
— Konrad J. Oberhuber
• Patrimony and Museum Politics in the 19th Century: The Louvre’s Galerie Espagnole
— Alisa Luxenberg
• Looking at Art: The Conservator’s View – A Brief Primer on the Lining of Paintings on Canvas
— Marco Grassi
• Art Insurance: What Everyone in the Art World Needs to Know
— Editor
• Preface to edited proceedings of IFAR conference (Dec. 14-15, 2001), “Catalogues Raisonnés and the Authentication Process – Where the Ivory Tower Meets the Marketplace.”
— Sharon Flescher
• Introduction: Right or Wrong, Real or Fake: Who Cares?
— Samuel Sachs II
• Procedures and Process Panel: Introduction
— Nancy Mowll Mathews
• Methods of Research: Case Studies from the Warhol Catalogue Raisonné
— Neil Printz
• Anatomy of an Art Fraud
— Sharon Flescher
• Should the U.S. Grant China’s Request for an Art-Import Ban? Pros and Cons
— Sharon Flescher
• Statements to the Cultural Property Advisory Committee: An Archaeologists View
— Robert W. Bagley
• A Legal View
— Patty Gerstenblith
• Art Loss in Iraq
— Editor
• Cultural Tragedy in Iraq: A Report on the Looting of Museums, Archives, and Sites
— McGuire Gibson
• Report on the First UNESCO Cultural Heritage Assessment—Mission to Baghdad, May 16-20, 2003
— John Malcolm Russell
• Cuneiform Inscriptions in the Looted Iraq Museum
— Robert Biggs
• A Letter from Sharon Flescher, Executive Director, IFAR
— Sharon Flescher
• Provenance -- What Is It?
— Various
• Morning Session: Provenance Research. Introductions and Welcome
— Lisa Koenigsberg and Sharon Flescher
• A Dialogue on Provenance and Due Diligence
— Constance Lowenthal and Stephen E. Weil