IFAR Journal

• Thirty Years of the Rembrandt Research Project: The Tension Between Science and Connoisseurship in Authenticating Art
— Ernst van de Wetering
• U. S. Museums to Provide Expanded Information About Objects Transferred in Europe During the Nazi Era
— Stephen E. Weil
• Updates & Newsbriefs: French Court Finds Art Dealer Guilty of Handling War Loot
— Sharon Flescher
• Updates & Newsbriefs: He Stole His Own Paintings: Now He Has 3 Years to Think About It
— Sharon Flescher
• De Chirico Forgeries: The Treachery of the Surrealists
— William H. Robinson
• The FBI's Role in Art Fraud and Theft: An IFAR Evening
— Lynn Chaffinch, Catherine Begley, W. Thomas Cassano, Neil Cronin
• A Puzzle Resolved: Duke's Portrait Identified
— Gertrude Wilmers
• The Laches Defense in Art Theft Litigation
— Jeremy G. Epstein
Volume 3, No. 2
Spring 2000
• Copying Chinese Paintings: Flattery or Forgery
— H. Christopher Luce
• Calder’s Artistic Development and Authenticity- an IFAR Evening with Sandy Rower
— Sharon Flescher
• A Legal Decision in New York Gives Experts Protection
— Ronald Spencer
• A Copyright Primer for the Protection and Use of Fine Art Images
— Barbara Hoffman
• An IFAR Evening--Art, Law, and Ethics: Theory and Practice
— Kirk Varnedoe
• Updates & Newsbriefs: 3 Stolen Paintings Back at the de Young Museum After 21 Years
— Sharon Flescher
• A New Legal Twist in Art Authenticity Cases: The Lanham Act
— Franklin Feldman
• Book Review: Object ID: Guidelines for Making Records that Describe Art, Antiques, and Antiquities
— Marilyn Schmitt
Volume 2, No. 4
Autumn 1999
• Greetings: Special Issue: Celebrating IFAR at 30
— Jack A. Josephson; Sharon Flescher
• In the Beginning…
• The Early Years: The 1970s and Authentication Research
• Reminiscences
— Elizabeth Burns Meryman; Franklin Feldman