IFAR Journal

• Beyond Connoisseurship?- The Future Study of Master Drawings—An IFAR Evening
— David Rosand
• The Anatomy of an Etruscan Tomb Forgery: Case Unresolved
— P. Gregory Warden
• News and Updates: Art Theft-and-Switch: It’s a Crime, but Not an Art. Targets: A Matisse and a Dalí
— Sharon Flescher
• News and Updates: IFAR Statement on Iraq
— Sharon Flescher
• The Debate Over Cleaning Paintings: How Much is Too Much?
— Joyce Hill Stoner
• Copyright or Copywrong? The Supreme Court, Copyright Term Extension, and the Arts—Introduction
— The Editor
• Copyright or Copywrong? Eldred v. Ashcroft - The Issues
— Franklin Feldman
• Copyright or Copywrong? Copyright & Fair Use
— Stephen E. Weil
• Solving Puzzles, Discovering O’Keeffe: The Georgia O’Keeffe Catalogue Raisonné
— Editor
• Solving Puzzles, Discovering O’Keeffe: Part I
— Barbara Buhler Lynes
• Solving Puzzles, Discovering O’Keeffe: Part II
— Judith Walsh
• Recent UK Initiatives Against Illicit Trade in Antiquities Including Accession to the 1970 UNESCO Convention
— David Gaimster
• Edited Proceedings: September 11th: Art Loss, Damage, and Repercussions—An IFAR Symposium. Introduction
— Sharon Flescher
• September 11th Art Loss: Public Art at the World Trade Center
— Saul S. Wenegrat
• September 11th Art Loss: The World Trade Center Memorial
— Elyn Zimmerman
• September 11th Art Loss: The Artist Residency Program in the Twin Towers
— Moukhtar Kocache
• The UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage
— James A.R. Nafziger
• Lost, Stolen and Destroyed Pictures by Sir Joshua Reynolds
— David Mannings
• Early Netherlandish Paintings or 20th-Century Fakes?- An IFAR Evening
— Maryan W. Ainsworth
• Updates & Newsbriefs: Verdict in New York Antiquities Trial
— Sharon Flescher