IFAR Journal

• Art Loss in Iraq: An Update
— The Editor
• An Overview of the Losses
— John Russell
• Training Iraqis for Heritage Preservation
— B. Burnham
• Authenticity Issues in Photography
— Editor
• Courbet, or Not Courbet, That is the Question
— Petra Ten-Doesschate Chu
• Book Review: Lost in Translation
— Konstantin Akinsha
• Museum Litigation Update: 2004
— Stephen E. Weil
• News and Updates: A Recipe for Art Fraud – Government Indicts Art Dealer Ely Sakhai
— Sharon Flescher
• Are They Goya’s “Black” Paintings? Yes!
— Priscilla E. Muller
• Expert Opinions and Liabilities–An IFAR Update
— Judith Bresler
• Top Ten Thefts of 2002/2003
• Top Ten Recoveries of 2002/2003
• News and Updates: Missing Rubens Lucretia Turns up in Russia
— Sharon Flescher
• Art, Gold and Slave Labor: The U.S. Government’s Efforts on Behalf of Holocaust Victims
— Stuart E. Eizenstat
• Followers and Fakers of Pieter Brueghel
— Nadine M. Orenstein
• Courts Have Their Limits in Authenticity Disputes
— Franklin Feldman
• Beyond Connoisseurship?- The Future Study of Master Drawings—An IFAR Evening
— David Rosand
• The Anatomy of an Etruscan Tomb Forgery: Case Unresolved
— P. Gregory Warden
• News and Updates: Art Theft-and-Switch: It’s a Crime, but Not an Art. Targets: A Matisse and a Dalí
— Sharon Flescher
• News and Updates: IFAR Statement on Iraq
— Sharon Flescher