IFAR Journal

• The Invisible Heroes: The Monuments Men
— Robert M. Edsel
• Twenty Years and Counting: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Theft
— Rebecca Dreyfus; Anthony Amore; Brian T. Kelly; Geoffrey Kelly
• News and Updates: Market Makers Beware: Downstream Purchaser of Fake Basquiat Painting Allowed to Proceed Against Christie's
— Mary Morabito Rosewater
• News and Updates: A New Leonardo? In the Courts of Scholarly Opinion -- and Law -- the Jury Is Still Out
— Lisa Duffy-Zeballos and Shima Majidi
• Vermeer's Women: Desire and Restraint
— Walter Liedtke
• Finding Frida Kahlo: Controversy Calls into Question the Authenticity of the Renowned Artist's Work
— Jason Edward Kaufman
• News and Updates: They Both Wanted a Piece of the Rock[well]: But Spielberg's Dealer Prevails in Theft Case
— Sharon Flescher with Shima Majidi
• News and Updates: New Twists and Turns in the Case Against the Warhol Authentication Board
— Mary Morabito Rosewater and Sharon Flescher
• Picasso Mosqueteros -- Great Late Picasso
— John Richardson
• A Model Killing Machine: Leonardo's Carro Falcato
— Lisa Duffy-Zeballos
• News and Updates: California Collector Maintains Handle on Suit Against Louis Vuitton: When Is a Murakami Print Really Just a Handbag?
— Mary Morabito Rosewater
• News and Updates: Decade-Old Schiele Case May Finally Head to Trial: Judge Shifts Burden of Proof for Portrait of Wally to Austrian Museum
— Nicholas Dietz
• Cambodia — Angkor and Beyond: The Ravages of Time, War, and Looting — An IFAR Evening, March 26, 2009
— Olivier Bernier
• Dispute against the Warhol Authentication Board Allowed to Proceed — Second Plaintiff May Soon Step Forward
— Sharon Flescher and Mary Morabito Rosewater
• A New Holbein Erasmus Portrait? From Paris Auction to Rotterdam Exhibition
— Marco Grassi
• Van Gogh's Night Café is Subject of Ownership Dispute: Yale Files Preemptory Action to Quiet Title: Heir of Bolshevik Russian Owner — Morozov — Counterclaims
— Sharon Flescher
• What Art Collectors Need to Know About Copyright — a Q&A
— Theodore Feder
• Looking at Art: The Conservator's View — To See Art or to Save It — A Century of Addressing the Dilemma
— Margaret Holben Ellis
• The Who, What, Why and How of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee (CPAC): Introduction
— Sharon Flescher
• The Who, What, Why and How of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee (CPAC): The Legal Basis
— Patty Gerstenblith