IFAR Journal

• The Legacy of a Controversial Collection: Walter Chrysler’s Cubist Composition Gets Another Look
— Lisa Duffy-Zeballos and Sharon Flescher
• Portrait’s Pedigree Holds Up But Not Its Van Dyck Attribution
— Lisa Duffy-Zeballos
• All in the (Mount) Family: Which Sportsman at the Well Is Autograph?
— Lisa Duffy-Zeballos
• Book Review: A Report on the Status Report of the Munich Art Trove
— Michele Wijegoonaratna
• My Father, Richard Diebenkorn
— Gretchen Diebenkorn Grant
• Frida Kahlo’s Lost Painting, The Wounded Table – A Mystery
— Helga Prignitz-Poda and Katarina Lopatkina
• IFAR Vindicated in Suit to Force it to Review and Declare Painting Authentic
— Thomas R. Kline and Anju Uchima
Et Tu Brute: Artists Disavowals in This Moment of American Politics
— Lena Saltos
• Cri-Me-a-River! Crimean Gold in the Crosshairs of Geopolitics
— Evelien Campfens and Irina Tarsis
• The Recovery of the Quedlinburg Treasures: Would Anything Be Different Now? – An IFAR Evening, April 24, 2017
— Charles T. Little and Thomas R. Kline
• The Recovery of the Quedlinburg Treasures: Highlights and Mysteries
— Charles T. Little
• The Recovery of the Quedlinburg Treasures: The Legal Context for Recovery
— Thomas R. Kline
• Remembering the Florence Flood – 50 Years Later – An IFAR Evening, November 14, 2016
— Susanne P. Sack, Philippe de Montebello, and Marco Grassi
• The Mysterious James Brennerman; Did He Exist and Where Did All His Fakes Come From?
— Lisa Duffy-Zeballos and Sharon Flescher
• Much Ado About Nothing? What is New in the “New” German Cultural Property Protection Law
— Steffanie Keim
• News and Updates: Continued Fallout from Asian Art World Investigations: Prominent Art Dealer Nancy Wiener Arrested in New York; Associates of Subhash Kapoor Arrested in India
— Nicholas Dietz and Sharon Flescher
• 20/20 Hindsight: Lessons from the Knoedler/Rosales Affair — An IFAR Evening — July 12, 2016
— Patricia Cohen, John Cahill, Sharon Flescher, James Martin, Adam Sheffer, Robert Storr
• Introduction
— Patricia Cohen
• An Overview
— John Cahill
• IFAR's 2003 Report
— Sharon Flescher