Volume 9, No. 7/8

July/August 1988

Larionov Forgeries? New Cache of Russian Art Worries Experts
— Virgilia H. Pancoast and Constance Lowenthal
All 193 works from Mikhail Larionov exhibition in Frankfurt (1986) and Geneva (1987) are locked up because of questionable authenticity, rumored for two and a half years, until a Swiss court determines whether they are fakes

Getty's Aphrodite Purchase Raises Provenance Questions
— Constance Lowenthal
Thomas Hoving alleges that monumental fifth century B.C. statue was smuggled out of Italy.

Republic of Turkey v. Metropolitan Museum of Art: Arguments on Met's Motion to Dismiss Turkey's Claim Continue
— Constance Lowenthal
Metropolitan Museum cites recent DeWeerth v. Baldinger case in effort to dismiss suit over Lydian Hoard; Turkey accuses Museum of deception and obstructionism. Judge rules on motion to dismiss in October.

The Baltimore Illusionist: Theft of Asian Art from the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland
— Margaret I. O'Brien
81 pieces removed, with remaining works rearranged and labels removed to cover up theft; Gregory Bartos, night security supervisor, confesses to crime.

Updates: What Did the Butler Really Do? Los Angeles, California
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Not guilty verdict for Rune Roy Gunar Donell in thefts of Anders Zorn and another painting from home of Elizabeth Keck; Mrs. Keck files $31 million civil suit against Donell.

Updates: Conviction in Wilshire Ebell Theater Theft, Los Angeles, California
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Fawn and Doe Harris convicted and sentenced in theft of William Wendt work.

Updates: Most Wanted Art Murderer is on the Lam, Ocala, Florida
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Louis Wesley Barnes arrested in robbery-murder of antiques dealers Betty and David Branum; Barnes later escapes from jail.

Recovered: Tip Off and Recovery, London, England
— Benedetta Mariani
Gallagos y Arnosa painting, Choir Boys in Toledo Cathedral, one of seven paintings and a clock stolen from Lawrence, Massachusetts, office of G. Alan Rowland, is found.

Fine Arts: Paintings, Pastels, Mixed Media Works, Watercolors; Bradford, Casorati, Brichner, Fragonard, Moeller, MirĂ³, Murphy, Picasso, Richards, Thayer, Walter. Prints, Drawing; Warhol. Decorative Arts: Furniture, Accessories; Halifax. Liturgical Objects: Cellini.

Stolen and Recovered: Kefallina, Greece, and London, England
Suspect carrying film roll showing four of 49 stolen icons still missing.

Reward Offered
Giacometti, Untitled, Head.

Seizures: Owners Sought: Rome, Italy
Six paintings and sculpture, in 1984; two paintings, in 1986.

Stolen Art Alert: Historic Hallet House Heist, Yarmouthport, Massachusetts:
Two robbers tie up housekeeper, flee with early American paintings and decorative art.

Stolen Art Alert: Violent Art Theft on the Rise? Gramercy Park, New York City
Gunman ties up housekeeper and building superintendent, takes paintings, prints, and bronze Buddha from apartment of Marguerite Jossel.