Volume 7, No. 9

November 1986

Picasso Drawing–Right or Wrong?
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Expert John Richardson says stylistic characteristics show Reclining Nude and Flutist submitted to IFAR is not by the artist

Kennedy Bill Seeks Copyright Protection for Artists
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Visual Artists Rights Amendment would prohibit alteration of work and provide royalties from resales.

Theft in Milan of 20th Century Italian Art
21 paintings on loan to Triennale from the Giuseppe Verzocchi collection.

Recovery of a Henry Moore Sculpture
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Seated Figure, stolen in 1984, is found during Scotland Yard drug raid.

Theft From an Estate in Australia
Three Gauguins and Boudin stolen and then recovered.

IFAR Opens Second European Office in Rome
Forrest Selvig, former director of Akron Art Institute, to be IFAR’s representative in Rome. William Hauptman will continue to man the office in Zurich until it moves to Lausanne in 1987 in collaboration with the Swiss Institute for Art research.

Update: IFAR Recoveries
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
St. Cosmas Fresco: Italian fresco hacked from wall at Grotta dei Santi, Pignataro Maggiore, turned over voluntarily to U.S. Customs; two more frescoes also recovered, says Senior Special Agent Charles Koczka. Return to Italy of Three Works: The St. Cosmas fresco, a sculpture of Socrates and Aeterna Roma, all recovered with the help of IFAR, were officially returned at a press conference in Rome. Recovery of Oriental Art: Five of 20 stolen Chinese bronzes and ceramics are recovered; victim praises IFAR, and is applauded for alerting local galleries.

Paintings, Pastels, Mixed Media Works, Watercolors: Benedicter, Collins, Eworth, Gainsborough, Gardner, Grosz, Hassam, Heeremans, Heyden, Kalf, Lawrence, Modigliani, Molyn, Munnings, Mytens, Neer, Renoir, Rosa, Ruisdael, Sargent, Wright, Zyl.; Prints, Drawings: Schlichter. Sculpture: Moore. Decorative Arts, Candlesticks, Candelabra, Lamps: Guggenbichler, Salzburg School. Oriental Art, Chinese: T'ang Dynasty, Tomb Figure of a Court Lady on Horseback.

Owners Sought
Carriage clocks, carpet, icon, landscapes and other items recovered; police in England, Italy, Portugal, and Switzerland seek owners.

Owner Sought: Lincoln Document
1863 letter to Edwin M. Stanton.

Still Missing: Gobelins Tapestries
Tapestries belonging to Metropolitan Museum of Art, stolen from Institute of Fine Arts at New York University in June 1982.

Stolen Art Alert
World War II Loss Reported: van der Heyden, Koedyck, Saftleven II, and Pacheco oil paintings confiscated by the Nazis in 1941 and 1942 from Amsterdam. England: Two Turner watercolors stolen from Dudley Art Gallery, West Midlands, and Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museums, Burnley; 29 17th- and 18th-century drawings stolen in transit from London to New York. New York City: Antler chandelier recovered.