Volume 7, No. 8

October 1986

IFAR Recovery: A Roman Relief
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Marble relief of the goddess Roma, Aeterna Roma, stolen in 1985 from Pozzuoli, Italy, is identified by IFAR member Jonathan Rosen, who had purchased it from unidentified Swiss dealer

Rembrandt Recovery
Dulwich College Rembrandt, Portrait of Jacob de Gheyn III, recovered for fourth time; the most frequently stolen and recovered work

A Modern Assyrian Bronze
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Statuette submitted to IFAR, is revealed to be neither Assyrian nor antique.

Church Thefts in England: Monumental Brasses
— William B. Jones)
Long history of depredations at English parish churches.

Recovery of Art Missing from a Van
Art by Ron Craver, stolen along with his van in Brooklyn, New York; police recover 80% of his work in undercover operation.

Still Missing
Sassetta: Adoration of the Magi and Giovanni Mazone, The Angel Gabriel, still missing since theft from offices in Basel, Switzerland, November 1977.

Paintings, Pastels, Mixed Media Works, Watercolors: Rembrandt, Portrait of Jacob de Gheyn III; Yatrides. Antiquities: Aeterna Roma.

Stolen Art Alert
London, England: 39 portrait miniatures; Kess van Dongen oil. Maryland: Complete list of stolen Chinese bronzes and ceramics, including T'an Dynasty tomb figure of horse. Friesach, Austria: 16th-century panels and statues from church altar, attributed to the Kärntner School. Croix, France: Two Renoir paintings.

IFAR Evenings
Program for 1986-1987 series.