Volume 7, No. 4

June 1986

A Classic Forgery Style: The Pastiche
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Drawing, Reclining Nude, based on two original drawings by Matisse

Current Trends in Art Theft
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Art theft on rise worldwide; types of thieves; theft by conversion. IFAR’s records show 24,000 works reported stolen since 1977.

Art Collection Missing Since 1946
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Heirs to Paul Hartog collection seek 12 pictures seized by Nazis in 1942, primarily works by 17th-century Dutch artists

Recent Recoveries
Jordaens La Puce and van Dyck San Sebastian withdrawn from sale by Christie's. Gauguin, Basket of Flowers: last of seven paintings stolen from National Gallery, Oslo, Norway to be recovered. Paintings, Pastels, etc: Coypel, Gauguin, Houasse, Matisse, Picasso. Sculpture: Maitani.

Caravaggio Still Missing
Nativity stolen from Oratory of San Lorenzo, Palermo, Italy, in 1969.

Stolen Art Alert
Geneva, Switzerland: Five paintings, by Modigliani, Sisley, Trouillebert, Amiet, and Marchand. Valparaiso, Chile: Easter Island pendant, from Archeological Museum. Palm Beach, Florida: Signac watercolor purchased with bad check by Francisco Buxareo.; Old Hickory, Tennessee: Eight paintings from historic home of Nashville founder John Donelson.