Volume 18, No. 12

December 1997

Top Ten Thefts Reported in 1997

Top Ten Recoveries Reported in 1997

Pre-War Owners Claim Matisse at Seattle Museum
— Constance Lowenthal
Odalisque was given to the Seattle Art Museum in 1991. A member of his family spotted the painting in Hector Feliciano's The Lost Museum and called the museum. Currently, the museum and members of the Rosenberg family, who claim ownership, are in friendly negotiation.

Gold Bowl Ordered Returned to Italy
— Constance Lowenthal
U.S. v. An Antique Platter of Gold, c. 400 B.C., Defendant-in-rem. Michael H. Steinhardt, Claimant.

Executive Director Moves On
— Jack A. Josephson
Connie Lowenthal takes on the directorship of the Commission for Art Recovery.

A Note to Our Readers
— Jack A. Josephson
Arthur Altschul steps down from his position as Chairman of the Board of IFAR. Connie Lowenthal moves on, and IFAR searches for a new director.