Volume 18, No. 8-9

August/September 1997

Object ID: The Getty Information Institute's Standard Helps the Art World Help Itself
— Constance Lowenthal
New international standard format for describing art, antiques and antiquities developed by the Getty Information Institute, in collaboration with museums, police and customs agencies and others. Object ID Checklist (reproduced in the article and available on a website) is available in 8 languages

Upcoming Symposium in Geneva on "Resolution Methods for Art-Related Disputes"
Program for Art-Law symposium (details given) that will examine whether arbitration and mediation are more appropriate than litigation for certain types of art disputes.

Additional Information: Woman with Parrot
Further visual information provided for missing Dewing painting, Woman with Parrot.

Erratum for Margaret O'Brien's Sir Joshua Reynolds and His Niece (published in May 1997).