Volume 14, No. 12

December 1993

Ten Important Thefts Reported in 1993
Proto-cycladic figurine and 19 other early Greek and Cycladic objects, Archaeological Museum, island of Paros, and 64 items, Aegina Archaeological Museum, and 17 marble sculptures and 102 bronze objects, Archaeological Museum, Tegea; Tiffany window, Queens, N.Y. mausoleum, and windows from cemeteries in Boston and Pittsburgh; portrait of Moghul emperor miniature 11 other miniatures and gold rhyton goblet, New York gallery; Sanford Robinson Gifford, Along the Beach, Cape Ann, disappears from residential storage bin, Cambridge, Mass.; Alberto Giacometti, Portrait of the Artist's Wife, in transit between Kent, Conn., and New York City; Picasso, Woman with Black Eyes, and five other Picassos and two by Georges Braque, Modern Museum, Stockholm; Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, Boats on the Harbor, among nine paintings, Madrid residence; Khmer female torso, stolen from vehicle in New York City; Gallo-Roman belt buckle, among 15 archaeological objects, small museum, northeast France; 12thcentury African head and nine other works, museum, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Ten Important Recoveries in 1993
Sir Joshua Reynolds, Portrait of Francis Hargrave, and a Gainsborough, Lincoln's Inn; Jan Vermeer, Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid, and other works from Sir Alfred Beit home, Blessington, Ireland, including Goya, Portrait of Doña Antonia Zarate, and Rubens, Portrait of a Dominican Monk, and Palamedes; Gabriele Münter, Jawlensky and Werefkin in a Field, traveling exhibit, Stockholm; silver ewer and over 300 other ancient silver vessels and utensils known as the ”Lydian Hoard,” returned by Metropolitan Museum of Art to Turkey; William Harnett, Five Dollar Bill, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Jacob Isaac Meyer de Haan self-portrait, found by FBI; Edgar Degas, Dancer Fixing Her Shoe, along with eight other mostly modern paintings, L.A. area storage warehouse, some arrests; Maurice de Vlaminck, Village in Winter, and five other paintings, Park Avenue apartment building, two arrests.

A Léger Gouache Caught in Experts' Dispute
— Beatrix Blavier
Discussion of authenticity of Léger’s gouache, Villes 1.

Cumulative Missing Art Index 1993

National Academy Symposium on Authentication
— Nancy J. Little
Report on the discussion by Frank Feldman, Constance Lowenthal, and John Richardson on problems relating to art authenticity in the IFAR symposium, “The Authenticity of Art: Legal, Practical and Scholarly Issues.”

The Amiel Trial: Conviction in Counterfeit Print Publishing
— Constance Lowenthal
Three convicted of publishing prints purportedly signed by Chagall, Picasso, Dali, and others.

Münter and Picassos Recovered in Stockholm, Meyer de Haan in NY
— Anna J. Kisluk
Münter returned to Lenbachhaus gallery in Munich, after recovery from Stockholm theft. Three of six Picassos stolen from Stockholm Museum of Modern Art recovered; two suspects arrested. FBI recovers Jacob Isaac de Haan Self-portrait in New York.

Cumulative Stolen Art Index 1993

IFAR Evenings 1994
Program of events, January-May, 1994.