Volume 13, No. 5

May 1992

Iraqi Antiquities and Art Still Missing
— Anna J. Kisluk
As many as 4,000 items, some 3,000 years old, looted from regional museums in Gulf War. IFAR has UNESCO list of missing items for consultation

Egyptian Pectoral to Stay in Boston. Out of Court Settlement Ends Suit
Lafayette College and Museum of Fine Arts reach agreement on possession of pectoral, stolen from College in 1970s.

Recoveries: Gainsborough Recovered in London, Missing Since 1986
— Anna J. Kisluk
Madame Bacelli Dancing, stolen in 1986 from Sir Alfred Beit collection, found.

Art Law Centre Seminar on Legal and Practical Aspects of Art Authentication
— Quentin Byrne Sutton and Marc André Renold
Geneva Art-Law Centre’s October 1991 seminar defines rules for art authenticators.

Buyer of Stolen Art Sues Museum for Reward. University of Pennsylvania Recovery Leads to Dispute
— Caroline Goeser
Valuable 19th-century Chinese crystal ball and Osiris statue returned but theft remains unsolved and University is sued.

More Evidence, Charges Against Church Organist, Confessed Thief: Liturgical Objects Stolen in Nassau County
— Caroline Goeser
Oather James Blocker, church organist confesses to burglaries at 500 churches and synagogues.

Southwest Museum Update
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Former director Patrick T. Houlihan investigated in disappearance of 127 American Indian artifacts from Los Angeles museum.