Volume 12, No. 8/9

August/September 1991

Bonheur in Baton Rouge
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Fourth autograph version of The Horse Fair, bought from gallery in Louisiana, authenticated by IFAR expert Annie-Paule Quinsac

Henri Kuntz: Again: Toronto Thief and Forger Arrested
— Anna J. Kisluk
Out of jail and up to old tricks, he's arrested masquerading as Henry Bealieu, Henri Beauchamp, Henry Louis, and Henry Hoffman; fake Riopelle and other works seized, including stolen Picasso and Chagall lithographs

Unidroit Draft Convention: New Agreement Proposed for Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects
— Constance Lowenthal
14 art law specialists, including Riccardo Monaco, John Merryman, Jean Chatelain, Richard Crewdson, Pierre Lalive, and Lyndel Prott create draft of international convention on treating claims for stolen or illegally exported cultural property. Reprinted from Museum News, Sept./Oct. 1991.

An Inside Job: Former Gallery Employee Charged in Theft
— Anna J. Kisluk
David Christie arrested in theft of old master paintings from New York gallery.

Theft Foiled by Flat: Four Suspects Arrested by Dutch Police in van Gogh Theft
— Anna J. Kisluk
Former and current employees of security firm at Vincent Van Gogh National Museum among those seized in aborted theft of 20 paintings in April 1991.

Just In…
Persian green porcelain cup and other items stolen from Ham House, Richmond, Surrey.