IFAR Journal

Volume 2, No. 4

Autumn 1999

Greetings: Special Issue: Celebrating IFAR at 30
— Jack A. Josephson; Sharon Flescher
Introduction by IFAR’s chairman and executive director to the special Journal issue celebrating IFAR’s 30th Anniversary. The entire issue was written and compiled by Sharon Flescher, Executive Director

In the Beginning…
Background to IFAR: The 1960s; IFAR is born: 1968-69.

The Early Years: The 1970s and Authentication Research
A summary of IFAR’s early authentication projects.

— Elizabeth Burns Meryman; Franklin Feldman
Recollections of a former IFAR executive secretary and of a chairman of the IFAR Board.

IFAR Shifts Gears: Stolen Art Enters the Picture: 1973-77
— Sharon Flescher
The Plundered Past; Art Theft Archive: Feasibility Study

— Edwin L. Weisl, Jr.; Bonnie Burnham
Recollections from IFAR’s former chairman and former executive director.

IFAR Publications—1979 and later
A discussion of Art Research News, the Stolen Art Alert and IFARreports.

Forgery and Fraud: IFAR's Authentication Service as an Aid to Law Enforcement:
The Hartert Case. The Benton Forgeries. The Dali Forgeries

— Virgilia Pancoast Klein
Recollections by the former director of IFAR’s Authentication Research Service.

IFAR Evenings: A Time Capsule
A listing of some of IFAR’s public programs over the years.

IFAR Goes International: The 1980s
Discussion of some of IFAR’s international projects, including the Cuzco Inventory.

— Arthur G. Altschul; Constance Lowenthal
Recollections from a former IFAR chairman and former executive director.

IFAR and the Law: "New Decisions on Statutes of Limitations; Authentications and Art Thefts"
— Franklin Feldman
Article discussing Guggenheim v. Lubell and Balog and Balog v. Center Art Gallery, reprinted from IFARreports, February/March 1991.

IFAR and the Law: "DeWeerth Redux"
— Jonathan S. Kaufman
Article discussing the long-running DeWeerth v. Baldinger case, reprinted from IFARreports, May/June 1994.

World War II Restitution Issues
The Eliçofon Case. The Quedlinburg Treasure. Spoils of War.

Cultural Property Issues
A discussion of IFAR’s activities and writings on cultural property issues.

The U.S. Government Comes Calling: The FBI, U.S. Customs, the DEA, and the U.S. Senate
IFAR’s relationship with government agencies.

Stolen Art Archive:
Brief history of IFAR’s Stolen Art Archive and its transformation into a theft database.

The Present and Future IFAR
Authentication; The IFAR Journal; Programs and Projects.

Stolen Art Alert The IFAR Gallery—30 Years of Highlights
Top Ten Unsolved Thefts; Top Ten IFAR-Assisted Recoveries; Some Other Theft Highlights.