Art Research News

Volume 2, No. 2/3


Half a Portrait by Samuel F. B. Morse
— Paul J. Staiti
Work dispersed from John F. Braun collection in 1930s and 1940s and attributed to Morse is actually by two hands

Legal Liabilities for Art Experts: a panel discussion with John Henry Merryman, Stephen Weil, and Theodore Kaplan. An IFAR Evening: Nov. 17, 1982.
— Joan Huntoon
Three specialists in art and the law discuss five hypothetical situations covering a range of situations that art experts might face.

Robert Rosenblum on Picasso and Ingres. An IFAR Evening: Jan. 19, 1983
— Joan Huntoon
A memorial lecture in honor of Professor H.W. Janson, by Robert Rosenblum, details the influence of Ingres on Picasso.

Conservation Problems of Contemporary Paintings: An IFAR Evening: Feb. 9, 1983
— Joan Huntoon
Dana Cranmer, conservator for the Mark Rothko Foundation, discusses in detail some of the problems faced by conservators of modern works of art.

Michael Mallory on Controversies in Art: Simone Martini’s Guido Riccio da Fogliano at the Siege of Montemassi. An IFAR Evening: March 16, 1983
— Joan Huntoon
Michael Mallory and his collaborator Gordon Moran argue that Martini’s Palazzo Pubblico fresco in Siena is a much later composite, incorporating themes from frescoes that lie beneath it.

Thomas Hart Benton: A New Assault
— Bonnie Burnham
Seven ambitious Benton forgeries submitted to IFAR’s Authentication Research Service are discussed. Efforts to bring the forger or forgers to justice prove unavailing.

Colonel James A. Gray, Cavaliere di San Marco
— Joan Huntoon
A brief history of the International Fund for Monuments, founded by Gray, and now in an administrative merger with IFAR; a list of IFM projects and publications.

IFAR in Cuzco
IFAR joins with the Committee for the Defense of the Artistic Patrimony of Cuzco in Peru to catalogue and photograph Spanish colonial religious paintings in Cuzco churches

IFAR Board Profile: Donald Oresman
— Joan Huntoon
Chairman of the board of the Museum of the American Indian.

The Museum of the American Indian: Migrating Tribes
— Joan Huntoon
The world's outstanding collection of art and artifacts relating to indigenous inhabitants of North and South America; collection plans to merge with Museum of Natural History.

Looking at Art: Connoisseurs on Connoisseurship. A symposium with Colin Eisler, Konrad Oberhuber, Lawrence J. Majewski, Edmund P. Pillsbury, and Bernard V. Bothmer. Report on An IFAR Evening, F
— Joan Huntoon
Criteria by which we recognize an artist can be articulated but not necessarily agreed upon.

Looking at Art: Connoisseurs on Connoisseurship. Colin Eisler on Science v. Viscera
— Joan Huntoon
On science as an aid to connoisseurship (using notebooks of Jacopo and Giovanni Bellini as examples).

Looking at Art: Connoisseurs on Connoisseurship. Konrad Oberhuber on The Holistic Approach
— Joan Huntoon
Connoisseurs are made, not born: questioning the visceral approach, Oberhuber believes connoisseurship can be taught.

Looking at Art: Connoisseurs on Connoisseurship. Lawrence J. Majewski on The Scientist's Contribution to Connoisseurship
— Joan Huntoon
While there is no technical substitute for the well-trained eye, science can make important contributions. Majewski gives, as an example, the experience of restoring the reputation of the Metropolitan Museum's Greek horse.

Looking at Art: Connoisseurs on Connoisseurship. Bernard V. Bothmer on Collecting Egyptian Art Today
— Joan Huntoon
Detailed description of how there are still opportunities for acquisition of Egyptian art by the private buyer.

Looking at Art: Connoisseurs on Connoisseurship. Edmund P. Pillsbury on Museum Collecting Today.
— Joan Huntoon
On the difficulty of building a museum collection (here, the Kimbell Museum, Fort Worth); on his own mistakes in gauging authenticity; and connoisseurship versus scientific analysis.

Looking at Art: Connoisseurs on Connoisseurship. Museum. Sydney J. Freedberg and Konrad Oberhuber
— Joan Huntoon
Oberhuber delivers Freedberg’s lecture on the Fogg Museum’s collection of forgeries used to teach technique to students.

Book Review: A New Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Review of Vol. 1 of A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings 1625-1631, by J. Bruyn, B. Haack, S.H. Hevie, P.J.J. van Thiel, and E. van der Wetering, with the collaboration of L. Peese Binkhorst-Hoffscholk. The volume de-attributed some previously accepted paintings and authenticated some formerly questioned ones. At an IFAR lecture, two of the authors discussed the methodology of this controversial reinterpretation of Rembrandt’s works.

Book Review: The International Trade in Art, by Paul M. Bator
— Bonnie Burnham
Review of Bator’s book that discusses the ways that nations try to control their cultural heritage.

Bytes of Art
— Lisa Ackerman
Discussion of issues arising from the computerization of art historical documentation and the need for standards.

IFAR Authentication Research
Henry Cheever Pratt and Edward Lamson Henry; painting attributed to Thomas Cole (Morning Light) actually by Victor de Grailly; Andries Benedetti 17th-century Flemish work, Still Life with Lobster, confirmed.

IFAR in the News
Coverage of Delaney Collection fraud (SAA, March/April and May 1983) noted as well as various Bonnie Burnham activities.