The Edited Talks from IFAR's Sold-Out IFAR Evening
on Modigliani are Available in the IFAR Journal

August 2018

New York, NY

On April 24, 2018, IFAR organized a program on the increasingly popular, fascinating, controversial, and frequently faked artist, Amedeo Modigliani. The program quickly sold out. We are pleased to announce that the new IFAR Journal - Vol. 19, nos. 1 & 2 -- features the illustrated, edited talks and the q&a from that program.

Also featured in the issue are articles on the Berkshire Museum deaccessioning controversy;  the US Supreme Court's decision to prevent the seizure of Iranian objects at the University of Chicago; the effective demise of the California Resale Royalty Act; and many other stories. The issue also features the Stolen Art Alert, which IFAR has been publishing since 1977. The Journal was mailed to subscribers, and individual copies can be purchased on the IFAR  website.

What is it About Modigliani?
  The title of the April 24 IFAR Evening says it all. With multiple recent exhibitions on Modigliani, including one that was forced to close because of fakes; two current catalogue raisonné projects; five existing catalogues raisonnés; and the Modigliani Technical Research Study, an international collaboration spearheaded by the Tate to understand the artist's materials, there was much to discuss about the artist. The featured speakers at the IFAR program included the directors of the two new Modigliani catalogue raisonné projects and two of the conservators involved in the ambitious Modigliani Technical Research Study.

In alphabetical order, the speakers were:

Isabelle Duvernois
Conservator, Paintings Conservation Departement, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Marc Restellini
Founder and Director of the Institut Restellini in Paris

Lena Stringari
Deputy Director and Chief Conservator, Guggenheim Museum and Foundation

Kenneth Wayne
Director of The Modigliani Project, New York