Catalogue Raisonné Glossary

The following words are used throughout IFAR's Catalogue Raisonné Database. Although for the most part they correspond to standard usage, in some cases they have specific meanings. To avoid confusion, they are defined here.

Catalogue raisonné
literally, from French, "reasoned catalogue". According to the OED, it is "a descriptive catalogue arranged according to subjects, or branches of subjects; hence, generally or loosely, a classified or methodical list." Used in the IFAR database to refer to a thorough, reasoned and systematic documentation of all works by an artist – the oeuvre – in a given medium (such as painting, sculpture, prints) known at the time when the catalogue is prepared.
a brief list of an artist's works without lengthy commentary or explanation, often included in exhibition catalogues. Generally, not as substantive as the entries in a catalogue raisonné, but for some artists it is all that is available.
a sequential list or table of important dates in the artist's life and career
a table cross-referencing an earlier listing or previous catalogue raisonné of the artist's work
literally, a body of material. Used in the database to refer to a series of focused publications, not necessarily by the same author, on one artist, e.g. Corpus Rubenianum.
used in the database to refer to a republication of a book (catalogue), with additional entries, corrections, or other amendments, as opposed to a "reprint."
Fascicule (or fascicle)
an installment of a printed work; one part of a book that was issued serially (as opposed to a volume in a three-volume publication)
Graphic work
refers to prints (including lithographs, woodcuts, engravings and etchings), and, sometimes, to drawings and other works on paper
The place, publisher's name, and date of publication for a catalogue
International Standard Book Number, the unique number assigned to a book upon publication, with some digits referencing the particular publisher
a book, treatise, or long scholarly article on a particular artist (or subject); but usually not a catalogue raisonné as defined in the IFAR database
a reissue of an earlier edition, without editorial changes
a volume(s) of additions or corrections to an earlier catalogue raisonné or other publication
German for catalogue raisonné