Art Law & Cultural Property Website Acknowledgments

IFAR acknowledges with thanks the generous financial support of the many donors that have made the Art Law and Cultural Property Website possible. In particular, we would like to thank the following:

IMLS, a federal agency


Additional funders include: the National Endowment for the Arts , the Henry Luce Foundation, the Joukowsky Family Foundation, the Hazen Polsky Foundation, David Campbell, Jack A. Josephson, and The Marc Haas Foundation.

IFAR also gratefully acknowledges the tremendous assistance provided by our many legal advisors, consultants, volunteers, and interns who have worked on the Art Law/Cultural Property Website over the years:

Senior Legal Advisors and Consultants
  • John H. Merryman
  • James A. R. Nafziger
  • Lucille Roussin
  • Stephen E. Weil (deceased)
  • Beverly Wolff
  • And members of IFAR's Law Advisory Council - notably, Franklin Feldman, Herbert Hirsch and Peter R. Stern; as well as the many other attorneys who have graciously reviewed material and otherwise lent a hand.

  • Sharon Flescher (Project Director/Executive Director, IFAR)

Legal Interns, Volunteers, Consultants and Pro Bono Attorneys
  • Norman Alt
  • Naja Armstrong-Pulte
  • Matthew Batters
  • Judith Bresler
  • Samuel Butt
  • Charlene Caprio
  • Kelly Culbertson
  • Juan Pablo de la Puente
  • Nicholas A. Dietz
  • Sherri Duitz
  • Rachel Feinberg
  • Rebecca Friedman
  • Ann-Margret Gidley
  • Andrew Goldstone
  • Michelle Griswold
  • Mindi Guttmann
  • Todd Keithley
  • Jameson Kendall
  • Stephanie Khalifa
  • James D. Lee
  • Frank Lord
  • Shima Majidi
  • Alexandra Minkovich
  • Nicola Ploetz
  • Alexander Pulte
  • Julie Randolph
  • Mary Morabito Rosewater
  • Seth Sheldon
  • Sean Sullivan
  • Emily Thaler
  • Molly Torsen
  • Stephanie Vyas
  • Scott Wilson
  • Adam Yokell

  • Axana Sternberg
  • David Green